Networking breakfast and Short talk in Alnarp

Are you curious about knowledge and members in Green Innovation Park Alnarp?
Come join us at our networking breakfast!

Short talk
*In English*

Big boys and girls don’t cry at work?! Why we need to know our feelings and work with them
Meet Torbjörn Jonasson

We know so much. But do you want to know more? Then come and join us for another Breakfast Talk that will teach us that methods, strategies and technologies won’t be enough until we dare to take a leap forward and get to know ourselves first. Together with Torbjörn Jonasson we will explore our emotional landscapes and learn why socially sustainable leadership depends on being open to feelings in our work places, in which even big boys and girls can cry.

When: Friday, April 28: Breakfast kicks off at 8.30 am, Short Talk starts at 9.00 am
Where: Slottsvägen 1, Alnarp (back entrance)

Register here for a free breakfast before Thursday, April 27 at 2 pm. Please do only register if you attend in person.
If you can’t be on site in Alnarp, join us via Zoom (link opens 8.45 am, no registration needed).




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