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Short talk
*In English*
IP essentials for Academics and Founders
Meet Cameron Malone-Brown and Louise Tottie, attorneys at Potter Clarkson specialized in European IP.

The sustainability and green technology sectors are among the most innovative and exciting areas of growth in Sweden. These areas are extremely competitive but can offer significant rewards, both monetarily and in terms of changing the world for the better.

Protecting your innovation and future proofing your enterprise may well mean the difference between commercial success and disappointment. Whether you are in academia, a startup or a larger organization seeking investment, acquisition or market penetration, intellectual property shall be a vital element of your success in this lucrative but competitive sector. However, it is not always obvious what IP you have, what you might be able to protect and what is worthwhile protecting.

In their talk, European IP specialists Louise Tottie and Cameron Malone-Brown will share some experiences in this sector and discuss how the right IP strategy may support and add value to your business, whatever your specific goals. The talk will be brief, but Louise and Cameron would be delighted to chat afterwards.

When: Friday, May 5 at 08.30
Where: Green Innovation Park Uppsala




Louise Tottie


Cameron Malone-Brown






Green Innovation Park

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