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Short talk
*In English*
Expatriates and Foreign companies in Sweden

Meet Aspia’s Sara Bergqvist, Assistant Manager and payroll specialist with experience in expatriate payroll, and Milena Boyanova, Director with international experience in expatriate compliance, Swedish tax law, income tax and social securities.

In today’s era of globalization, the workforce landscape has undergone significant changes. More and more companies and individuals are embracing the opportunities of relocating or establishing abroad. If your company is considering or already managing a workforce in Sweden, it is crucial to stay informed about expatriate payroll compliance. We will explore this, as well as the appealing incentives provided by Sweden, and how your company can effectively utilize these incentives to enhance its competitive advantage and reap the benefits they offer!
Join us for a network breakfast event where you can expand your knowledge and navigate the complexities of compliance in Sweden.
Aspia is growing extremely fast, and we are always happy to hear from anyone interested in joining our amazing team and company. You can reach them at

Read more at: A “GO-TO Guide” for foreign companies and employers establishing in Sweden (


When: Friday, September 1 at 08.30
Where: Green Innovation Park Uppsala



Green Innovation Park

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