Networking breakfast and Short talk in Uppsala

Are you curious about knowledge and members in Green Innovation Park Uppsala?
Come join us at our networking breakfast!

Short talk
*In English*
Unlock your success: Harnessing the power of open innovation for sustainable Growth and Impact
Harris Stamatopoulos, Collaboration manager at Innovation Partnership office, Uppsala University  &  Initiator and Director or Sustainability InnoCenter (SIC).

Open innovation focuses on harnessing the collective intelligence of many different stakeholders to create more resilient and innovative solutions. This could be done through the use of crowdsourcing platforms, hackathons, and other forms of collaboration. Bringing together different minds with different perspectives and ideas can lead to a more well-rounded outcome, as well as increased engagement and ideas. By utilizing open innovation, companies and organizations not only gain access to new insights, but also get faster product and process development, greater cost savings, and more responsive service. All these factors can help to drive improved performance, competitive advantage, and resilience.

This Friday, Harris will give us some concrete examples on creative solutions generated by Hackathons he initiated, led and participated , over the last years. Harris has a technical engineering background but has always been interested in societal transitional systems and in what way technology can act as a tool towards societal impact.

For any organization or individual interested in learning more about open innovation and collaboration possibilities both within academia and society.
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When: Friday, March 3 at 08.30
Where: Green Innovation Park Uppsala



Green Innovation Park

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